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Website Relaunch!

Apr 2, 2024

I relaunched my website! Here are some of the changes I am particularly excited about.

I now use Jekyll to compile my website locally. It was a bit of a hustle to get it all set up on Windows, which I am (still) using as my main operating system, but it works now! It updates automatically as I make changes, which is excellent for seeing issues in formatting, as well as typos, which I easily overlook in Visual Studio Code. This makes editing the website a lot more convenient and will hopefully lead to fewer commit messages in the style of “typo,” “another typo,” “formatting,” “more formatting,” and “small change” in the new repository. No promises, though!

I also changed a few things about the website’s design that were bugging me. The website now looks better on mobile devices, headings with hyperlinks are now recognizable as such, and the hover effect when hovering over links makes the text darker and not bold. All text is justified except the short info below my picture.

And my favorite: Each blog post now has its own link, and I can add individual open-graph images to each. In this way, in case I have an image that fits the content of the post, I can use that in the card usually generated by social media when you add a link to a post. Visitors now also don’t have to scroll through my entire blog if they look for one particular blog post, as I can share individual links – and you can do that, too!

Alright, enough with the website. Now, I’m back to working on some content for my publications page!